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Employer Training & Consulting Services: Hiring Smart!
Behavioral & Performance Based Hiring Strategies



This workshop offers new and unique communications strategies designed to offer permanent solutions to reducing turnover by making better, more solid hiring decisions and getting the most productivity out of your workforce. You will gain the tools to develop and enhance your Hiring IQ and leadership skills. (Content can be customized based upon your needs).

What does making better, more solid hiring decisions mean?

Here are the facts:               
Good hiring decisions equals = reduced turn-over
Reduced turn-over equals = increased employee morale.
Increased employee moral equals = increased productivity! Increased productivity equals = increased profits!

Benefits of the program include the following improved results and outcomes:

  • Learn the secret to mastering the hiring process by understanding the psychology behind what actually motivates your hiring decisions.
  • How to develop the types of key questions to ask, during an interview, that will identify the right candidate for you and your company!
  • Effective recruitment and retention strategies for entry-level through senior level candidates.
  • Improve decision making by understanding the key to uncovering and identify your true needs, desires and hidden motivations that directly affects how you make hiring and management decisions.
  • How to identify communication issues within your department to develop the objectives necessary to grow a happy and productive team.
  • The art of mastering conversational techniques and communication skills that will result in improved relationships with senior management, co-workers and staff.
  • How reducing turn-over can help you obtain state funding to pay for future training programs.
  • The job offer game: How to negotiate a job offer you and your new hire will be happy with.
  • How to gain trust, build loyalty and respect by becoming a positive role model and leader.


This unique approach focuses on the psychology behind how hiring decisions are actually made by gaining a better understanding of human nature and behavior. You will learn the techniques that will substantially increase your ability to recognize the key personality traits and motivations that will identify if your new hire will be a truly productive employee. The human element which permeates the entire hiring process is usually misunderstood or overlooked, yet is the cornerstone of a successful hire.


Consulting Services:
Based upon your specific needs, we offer customized, comprehensive executive coaching and one-on-one management coaching in the all aspects of Recruitment, Hiring Strategies, and the Retention of high level talent.

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