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Secrets From a Body Broker


Rey bookSecrets from a Body BrokerA Hiring Handbook for Managers, Recruiters & Job Seekers.

* Recipient of the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award for outstanding editorial quality!

* Finalist in the Book of the Year Awards, New York Book Expo!

Did you know that discrimination is the cornerstone of each and every hiring decision?

This is true because hiring decisions are personal decisions made by people, and people will discriminate, even at the most subconscious of levels”.

A must read for anyone involved in the hiring process, whether you are hiring, or looking for a job.

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This no-nonsense handbook uncovers secrets such as:

  • The truth about discrimination during the hiring process and in the workplace
  • The primary, and often subconscious, reason a manager chooses to hire one applicant over another
  • How a job applicant can identify a hiring manager’s hidden needs and motivations
  • The biggest mistakes hiring managers and job applicants make during the interview process
  • How to implement hiring practices that will increase profits and productivity
  • Why chaos management and chaotic hiring practices are the norm and not the exception
  • How a job applicant can keep the ball in their court during the interview
  • Why job hopping is the rule, not the exception
  • The key motivations employees have for changing jobs
  • The biggest problems facing today’s workforce
  • The hidden keys to making solid hiring decisions


Gary Williams, Vice President, Project Management
“A one stop education and an absolute must for all those who hire employees or seek employment themselves. Good solid information, easy to understand and implement. I would recommend this book to all professionals who find themselves involved in either side of the hiring process.”

Dan Armstrong, Director of Purchasing
“Great information!  A quick read, solid, frank and to the point. This is a great tool for any manager and also very useful information for anyone seeking new employment.”

Mike Gerald, A reviewer
This book changed my whole approach to the hiring process! No matter whether you are hiring or looking to get hired, Suzanne shares the kind of insight we all need to get it right!

Gary C., A reviewer
Great book! a True Reality Check! – As the Division President for a major homebuilder that had his division close unexpectedly, it was a real shock to be back interviewing. Reading Secrets from a Body Broker was perfect timing for me. I cannot express how much the advice, and insight has helped me master my interviewing techniques, as a hiring manager and a job seeker. The book was a true reality check and changed my whole approach to interviewing. I utilized Suzanne’s suggestions on my very next interviews. I now have multiple offers and I owe it all to the advice in her book!

Marie Miller, a career services specialist, 08/15/2006
Funny and so so true – Secrets of a Body Broker has informative and important content written in a easy and entertaining way!

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ISBN: 0595852769